Thursday, November 01, 2001
My IS480 midterm was pretty damn hard. Not that was much of a surprise, but somehow knowing you're about to endure two hours of academia-fueled horror doesn't make it much easier to bear. If I hear any of the following words before Tuesday... entity relationship diagram, semantic object chart, cardinality, resource structure diagram,... I will scream louder than a juiced lab monkey...


In other less-sanity taxing news, yesterday's service night at Keiro went well. Lots of people were dressed up, so I didn't feel like the only guy in a costume. Jon Gee wore his Wushu suit and Mel Ok was dressed as a hippy... hahaha. It's strange, but everytime we visit Keiro, I always meet the same old lady, Rose. I think she has Alzheimer's disease, because she never remembers meeting me or AACF coming to visit. I guess that really isn't that important, in the grand scheme of things. In any case, it was nice talking to Rose... makes me think of my own grandmothers. Spending my Halloween at a nursing home... quite different.

Well, as a tribute to my honorary little sister Cora's blog, I'm going to have to say that right now I'm:

  • Happy: 10%
  • Glum: 65%
  • Clouded: 25%


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