Thursday, November 29, 2001
Just got back from the Jurassic 5 and the Binary Star concert... super dope!!! It's great to go to a concert where the live group actually sounds GOOD. They had another group there that was there, Oldominion, but they weren't so hot... only OK. Binary Star was especially, cool though... they did both of my favorite songs ("Honest Expression" & "Reality Check"), plus some ones I never heard before. After the concert, I got to meet them and talk to them in person... how awesome is that? Is not like you can do the same thing after other "big name" concerts. The guys were totally laidback and humble... my only regret is that I after talking to them and everything, it completely slipped my mind to ask the guys for an autograph! Doh. >=)

Anyways, the concert was a welcome break from finals week. Thank God for it, and also for the recent extension I was granted by distance learning prof. Whoohooo! That's grace right there...


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