Saturday, November 24, 2001
I love weekends. I especially love Holiday weekends. :D

Thanksgiving at Mom's house was all in all nice. What made things interesting was the fact that she invited the Ferguson family over for dinner and I got to see my good friend Doug Ferguson, who I've know since 3rd grade. Doug is cool guy, at least as cool as you can be for a white guy... hahahhaa, j/k. In all seriousness, I guess that's what makes our friendship interesting, that the two of us are such different people, yet we share a common childhood (torturing our junior high honors English teacher, Mr. Spears with clicking noises) and a common faith (, one.God).

Yesterday, Friday, was especially insane. Motivated by Mom's need for a new computer, and my burning desire for cheap electronics, my Mom, Shiv, and I went early in the morning to Best Buy at about 7:00AM. Unfortunately for us, about 600 people had the same idea and were in line before us. Ouch. In the end, I didn't get all the cool toys I wanted (I satisfied myself with a new phone for the apt and a 16x speed burner), but my Mom did get the computer she needed, so it's all good.

Oh yeah... Chongsun and Grace are in town for this weekend, so I also got to kick it with them, plus a ton of AACF people. I should of taken pictures of it all, because we played "True Colors" and "Mafia", with both of the games being a laugh-fest clash of personalities. Darn. =)


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