Sunday, December 31, 2006
all good things come to an end...


When I first started this blog back in April of 2001, I was a different person and the world was a different place.

As I've struggled, laughed, lamented, watched the world, traveled around the globe, and grown as a person over the past 5 years, I've chronicled most of it on this blog... probably more than I should have. I've made over 1,600+ posts which according to my suspect math skills, averages out to 320 posts a year - which roughly means that 88% of the year, I was writing on this blog. Nuts, huh?

I never intended this blog to have an audience except for myself, but somehow along the way, it's managed to pick up some other regular readers... if you're part of the 98,291 visitors who've wandered through, I salute you in this final post on this blog. Many thanks to you all for reading, and I hope that through the reading of my experiences, you've managed to learn figure out what (or what not to do) with this strange and wonderful blessing called life.



Of course, I'm not completely leaving behind my blogging ways... just making a change of sorts. Yes, I've already gone and started another blog, but I'll let the clever folks out there figure out where it is. Those of my long time readers who are too lazy to do so can e-mail me at (myfirstnamelastname)(at)(gmail)(dot)(com) and I'll let you know where I've moved... if I haven't contacted you already. ;)

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